Maltese Falcon at CineClub

CineClub, a twice monthly film screening, continues at the National Gallery this Monday with The Maltese Falcon.

The 1941 film noir classic stars Humphrey Bogart in one of his first significant roles, alongside screen siren Mary Astor. The stylistic film is an intriguing mix of mystery, romance and thriller, telling the tale in which a private eye becomes embroiled in a web of mystery after his partner is killed in a case. Twists and turns lead him to the ‘Maltese Falcon’, a life sized gold encrusted statue of a falcon.

CineClub is designed to create an interest in the cinema as a seventh art and for film aficionados to experience films from around the world, outside of mainstream movies.

CineClub will be held at the National Gallery, Harbour Place location, starting at 6pm, and every second Monday night thereafter. Refreshments served. Please contact the gallery at 945-8111 to reserve your space.

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