Quincy sey…!

Eh Looky ya – wha’ a hual ‘n-pullin an’ purgatory broadcastin is in Wen ya na gaw mama ya gaw tek granny, but whose station ga win

ICTA mus’ mean I Can’t Talk Alone Bout radio blanketing – eh, it all comin soon

De ting is de place gaw too much stations Wid all dese we could supply smalla nations swan islan, miskita key, owens island or banaka da tar baby tink he gettin’ white – but he only getting blacka

now nuttin is wrong wid colour- wite black or in between but wa worse is wen ya dunno- an ya mix up in ya brain

some people feget wey part de cum from an dey change but no one man should tek ova airwaves an rearrange

Tar Baby is smart doh an using he head

Blanket the airwaves wid my blanket bed

MOU is fa all stations ta agree an sign

If we all had done it den we would be fine

But tar baby na really in support of local songs Wha we trying ta mek rite he sayin it full of wrongs

Now dey sayin wha ta and not ta talk bout on air No bad words, no cussin dey say dey ga swear

While some mornings ya gaw breakfast session or positive vibration Dey talking bout how it good and nice dat ting call Masabration

Well Cousin Ozzie don’t like it atall-he spoke out against it But got a slap in he face-wha surprise me wa who gave da hit

While Cousin Ozzie sayin it wrong and he will see dat it stop Da Minister praising tar baby saying you’s one son I could adopt

But ya see cousin Bo Bo playin smart – an keeping he name in press He like publicity and ta be the loudest- He mus be heard an naw de ress

But Tar Baby ga always get way an be on top of da tree He calling da shot and gaw da money- he control de ministry

So dat I Can’t Talk Alone don’t have no say, dey jes wastin time Cousin Bo Bo and Mr. Minister doing well jus fine.

Eh Eh! Jack Mondora…I na choosing none.

Quincy Brown

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