Caymanian earns diploma for youth development

One Caymanian’s effort to facilitate the development and enhancement of young people has earned her a youth development diploma from the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Carol Alma Bodden received the honours diploma through a two-year government-endorsed course at the University College of the Cayman Islands.

‘The diploma is very useful to anyone in any setting working with young people as it brings meaning to your work,’ said Ms Bodden.

‘I can and will recommend it to all youth workers. You begin to see what you are really supposed to be doing for young people in this age of development,’ she said.

Ms Bodden said she also believed anyone working with young people should grasp the opportunity to better equip themselves through courses such as this.

‘Our young people today are being exposed to more issues than we had to go through. As facilitators we need to be equipped to help them or they will lose their great potential and society will have more problems to handle.’

Ms Bodden has a long history of involvement with youths in the community. She teaches Sunday school classes and is involved with youth groups in reading programs at the prison. She is also in the process of trying to set up an after school program so youngsters can get help with homework.

Carol says her main focus is making sure youths get the help they need.

She hopes to accomplish this by providing help in areas such as showing them how to start and own a business, the importance of involvement, what is required when applying for jobs, and working with youths in conflict resolutions.

CYP is an international development agency that works to give young people the skills, confidence and avenues to create a better future for themselves and for their families and communities.

Young people throughout the Commonwealth have an enormous contribution to make in their countries. CYP works with young people to create the opportunity for them to become active citizens who understand that they have rights as well as responsibilities. This enables them to fully participate in development projects that create opportunities for themselves and their communities.

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