Puppets in spotlight at New Testament

Members of the New Testament Church of God have found a fun way to deliver a Bible-based message children will remember.

They are using colourful hand held puppets that jiggle, wiggle, lip-sync and bob and weave to the sounds of upbeat Christian music to spread the word of God.

The puppets with their quizzical facial-expressions and punky hair styles perform behind a black curtained stage with minimal props and lighting, but the real stars of these pint-sized performers come from the special effects of the talented youngsters.

The group even has names for their lovable characters and their favourite stars are Itchy, Izzy, Curls, Grandpa and Grandma Lou.

The Hands of Life Puppet Ministry, founded by the late Pastor Rudolph Willis along with his wife Eliane, over five years ago came about after it was a bit hit with children during Vacation Bible School.

Today the show, which has provided opening acts for events such as Gospel Song Festival, George Banton, Clarity concerts and helped in charitable events is coordinated by Carolyann Shaw assisted by Jessica Willis.

The two oversee 20 young church volunteers ranging in age from five and older, work with the 18 puppets performing at various functions.

‘A lot of children seem to like the puppet show but for that we need money and equipment,’ said Ms Shaw.

‘Everyone loves the puppets young and old but for the group of young church volunteers performing it instils discipline and self control in a Christian environment.

‘The children are involved in a very dynamic ministry,’ said Pastor Locksley Mitchell whose auspice the ministry comes under.

The New Testament Church is on North Sound Road. With more than 600 members, the church has several other ministries such as Family Training Hour, Bible Study, Sunday school and regular Sunday services, which are held 9.30 to 1pm.

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