New US Consular Agent for Cayman

A new Consular Agent has been commissioned for Cayman and will begin services next week, with permanent office hours beginning 11 December.

This information has just been released from American Citizen Services, US Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica.

The agent is Dee Duggan. The telephone number to reach her is 945-8173, fax is 945-8192.

Starting 11 December, the Consular Agent will be available the following hours: 7:30 – 11am Monday, Wednesday and Friday; noon 2 to 3:30pm Tuesday and Thursday. It will be closed for US and Cayman holidays.

The US Consular Agency is at Unit 222 on the second floor of the Mirco Centre (opposite Celebrations).

The role of the US Consular Agent is to assist Americans in the Cayman Islands. This includes the acceptance of US passport applications and the acceptance of applications for Consular Reports of Births Abroad.

The agent also assists Americans who have been the victims of crime, have been arrested or seriously injured while in the Cayman Islands. The Agent also assists the families of Americans who die in the Cayman Islands.

The previous US Consular Agent for Cayman, Gail Duquesney, vacated her post on 31 July having held the position for eight and a half years.

The part-time position was first created more than 20 years ago, at some time in the latter half of the 1980s.

Passport applications can be downloaded at

A bank draft for the fees incurred is also required. It must be payable through a US bank and paid to the order of the US Embassy.

‘At this time, we will still require that you bring a prepaid Fed Ex or DHL envelope with you to have your passport or CRBA mailed back to Cayman,’ said a statement from the US Embassy.

‘Please feel free to contact the US Embassy in Kingston with further questions and concerns to [email protected]. If you have not yet registered as an American citizen residing in this Consular District, you can do so at This will ensure that you receive further contacts in the future,’ the statement ended.

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