Today’s Editorial December 4: Enjoy the season

December is upon us and Christmas is only three weeks away.

The Christmas season is a special time in the Christian world, and it is no different in Cayman. It is a time of fellowship, a time of giving and a time of revelry.

It is a time of lights, a time of aromas, and a time of familiar Christmas songs.

It is also a time of charity and goodwill, when people are all just a little nicer to their fellow humans.

As usual, there are a plethora of Christmas events occurring, including office parties, concerts, tree lightings, fun runs, and, of course, sales at the shops.

There is an exciting hustle bustle of activity here in Cayman at Christmastime, and it’s the one time of the year the shops are open late.

But the Christmas season also brings more traffic and longer queues in the stores. We would ask that all residents show a little more patience as they travel the roads and visit the shops in search of gifts for friends or loved ones.

The Christmas season is also a time when people tend to enjoy alcoholic beverages a little more. Mixing a little holiday cheer with driving, however, is not the responsible or safe way to celebrate the season, and – as we do often – we urge those who drink this holiday season to either make sure they have a non-drinking designated driver to go home with, or to take a taxi.

Especially with the higher costs of living these days, this Christmas season could be lean for some families, and for those in this situation, it’s often a depressing realisation.

But Christmas should not just be about materials things. As a Christian holiday, there’s the religious side of Christmas, and for those who go to church, there are a variety of services to attend.

Beyond the religions aspects, the Christmas season offers opportunities for some good quality family time, whether it’s attending a free concert together, singing carols, or just driving around to look at the houses decorated with Christmas lights.

It can also be a time when the family sits down and laughs and plays games together, memories of which will likely last far after any Christmas present received is forgotten.

For those who find themselves in great financial shape this Christmas season, just remember that not everyone in our community can say the same. There are many charitable organisations out there that are trying to help the less fortunate. Open up your wallet or purse and give to these organisations; you’ll embody the real spirit of Christmas when you do.