Whale is probably fed up

In reference to the article on the killer whale which attacked a trainer at SeaWorld.

I would guess the trainer didn’t have as close a relationship as he thought.

The orca (I prefer to call them by their actual names) could have drowned its trainer, or taken a bite out of them very easily, but it did not.


Is there a message here?

The said orca is seventeen feet long and weighs over 5,000 pounds; more than enough to inflict severe damage to the trainer or any other creature in the water with it, if it so chooses. This particular orca, which goes by the name of Kasatka has been in captivity for almost all of its life. Thirty years. That is correct. Thirty years. In a pool described as being 36-feet deep. That would be like you or me spending 30 years in a telephone booth.

During that time she has given birth to two offspring who are in captivity and will be for their entire lives. Each day Kasatka performs tricks for popcorn-munching audiences. Regardless of whether you think animals born into captivity know no other life, they have instincts.

Jumping through hoops for our entertainment is not one of them. Quite possibly the orca is tired of it all. If you have ever seen orcas in the wild you would understand that these types of attractions are cruel and sadistic and they have nothing to teach us except how obscene they are, and no one will ever convince me otherwise.

A. Creasey

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