Local rap group aiming high

The music scene in the Cayman Islands is mostly influenced by various sounds from the Caribbean region. But a group of up and coming young Caymanian artists are hoping to add to the scene, by being Cayman’s only local performance rap group, a press release said.

Cats Brought Up Restricted, commonly referred to as CBR, is a group of four talented young men, who all grew up in Grand Cayman. The group presently performs at numerous local events, has songs constantly in rotation on the local radio stations and has their first debut album set to be released on 15 December.

And if that weren’t enough, the group’s ultimate goal is to be the first Caymanian group to burst through the music industry.

The group consists of 21-year-old Jeremy Josephs, stage name Bublz, 20-year-old Michael Mothen, aka M-Lito, 19-year old Andrew Jackson, or Young Flurf, and 20 year-old Jasen Campbell, known on stage as J-Nezzie. The four joined forces during high school, when they each realized that they had a passion for hip hop and rap.

CBR originally came into being in 2001 with three members – Bublz, Chengo and Recharge. At the time the trio was an unnamed group who collaborated together on a song. The song made it onto Radio Cayman and garnered the number nine spot on Radio Caymans Top 10 most requested countdown. The radio announcer deemed the unnamed group ‘RBC’, which stood for the first initial of each member of the trio. The name stuck but was later reversed to ‘CBR.’

A series of events lead to original members Chengo and Recharge dropping out of the group, creating openings for M-Lito, Flurf and J-Nezzie to join forces with Bublz and build CBR to the group that it is today. To date the group has performed at two Miss Teen Cayman Islands competitions, opened for Damian ‘Junior Gong’ Marley as well as for Jamaican songbird Alaine’s recent concert.

CBR hopes to be the next big thing to come out of the Cayman Islands, with influences such as Frank E. Flowers and Selita Ebanks proving that because you are from a small island chain in the Caribbean doesn’t mean that your dreams aren’t attainable.

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