Liquor licence granted for NS Road

An objector to a new liquor licence application was not present at last Thursday’s Liquor Licensing meeting and the related applicant was granted the provisional licences he had applied for.

Victor Jennings was granted the provisional Retail liquor licence and Music and Dancing licence he applied for on the corner of North Sound Road and Seymour Drive at Block 19E, Parcels 10 and 11.

Attorney Steve McField, representing Mr. Jennings, said he realised there was an objection from Pool Patrol on the basis that the area is too busy a location for alcohol sales.

But Mr. McField told the Board that the whole corner in question is to be widened by the Roads Authority, with a roundabout to be included there.

Because of this, the objection should no longer be a problem, said Mr. McField.

Mr. McField added that Pool Patrol had given another basis for objection as the area being sufficiently serviced for alcohol. However, Mr. McField said Pool Patrol is not a valid objector because they sell chlorine and pool products, not alcohol, and there is a free enterprise system.

Mr. McField said that Mr. Jennings has been given planning permission in principle and this would not have been granted had the Planning Board not been satisfied that there was ample parking for the business.

Mr. McField described his client as a young Caymanian entrepreneur.

Noting that the objectors were not present at the meeting, Mr. McField asked the Board to take that into consideration and asked that it be considered favourably for the applicant.