Polar bears alive, well

The statement that Polar Bear numbers are plummeting is factually inaccurate.

Numbers have risen from about 5,000-7,000 40 years ago to around 25,000-27,000 now.

The use of anthropomorphic Polar Bear footage claiming cannibalism and drowning because of global warming is absolutely and totally false but the enviro groups have managed to frighten Bush enough to consider listing them as endangered.

The Hudson Bay population is the one quoted as declining but like all claims on climate it depends on your start and end point.

A 20 per cent decline in population in western Hudson Bay is claimed since the mid-80s (1985) – if you look at the same study, you could easily say that the western Hudson Bay polar bear population has increased from 700 in 1980 to 975 in 2006 – a 40 per cent increase? At the very least, you could say this population has remained stable over 25+ years.


Dr. Mitch Taylor noted the estimated number of bears on the Boothia Peninsula, 1,300 kilometres west of Iqaluit, has actually increased to 1,500 animals from 900. He said environmental groups don’t seem to want to take information like that into consideration when pressing their case.

Cannibalism is a natural feature of bears in general. The website for Polar Bears International states that ‘Polar bears will eat the flesh of their own kind, and often a bear that kills another will eat it.’

Dennis Ambler