Poll: Rollover policy top story

The rollover policy and immigration issues were the biggest story of 2006 according to the vast majority of respondents to the latest caycompass.com online poll.

Of the 297 respondents, 214 (72.1 per cent) thought the immigration/rollover policy was the top story of last year.

‘It’s what everyone was talking about, all the time,’ said one respondent.

‘It had a huge effect on the overall population,’ said someone else.

‘The rollover policy will be the single biggest social and economic divider in this country – no thanks to the current Government who is so full of themselves and anti-expat sentiment,’ responded a third person.

Another person expressed doubt as to whether the government’s solution was the best.

‘I am not sure if they got it right yet,’ he or she said.

The cost of living increases got the second most votes for the biggest story of the year with 50 (16.8 per cent.

The continuing Health Services Authority problems and the 14 traffic deaths each had 13 votes (4.4 per cent) for the top story of the year.

Three respondents (one per cent) said the public education changes were the biggest story of the year, while four people (1.3 per cent) suggested other stories as biggest of the year.

One person said the Divi Tiara Hotel closure in Cayman Brac was the top story.

Another person said the biggest story had to do with law enforcement.

‘So many of our problems stem from a failure to enforce the laws we have,’ the respondent said. ‘We permit petty crime and so businesses have to bear the cost of security guards. We do not prosecute when persons intentionally bounce cheques.’