Is croc an illegal alien?

I fear that the matter of the reptile recently found and captured in Old Man Bay is not being treated with the gravity that it should be.

Cayman’s treatment of this undocumented alien could very well have serious international repercussions.

This will most likely prove true if it does turn out, as appears likely, that it is of Cuban origin.

Others who arrive on our shores by sea from Cuba, bereft of passport, birth certificate, drivers licence, astrological chart or other proof of identity are sent packing without benefit of food, water or fuel, providing only that their means of transport is deemed adequate for them to reach another port-of-call, or they are incarcerated and eventually repatriated to their country of origin. Mr. (or Ms) A. Lligator, whose means of transport seems most adequate to enable further travel (from the photos, that’s a pretty hefty tail!) was seriously injured and then immediately incarcerated without being given any choice of continuing its journey or remaining here awaiting repatriation.

Further Mr. /Ms A. Lligator is now being kept in isolated captivity without benefit of any socialization with others of its kind!

The ‘Powers-That-Be’ need to immediately determine if this detainment of a visitor to our fair shores is:

1) Legal under the laws of the Cayman Islands

2) In violation of any international treaties, protocols, etc. such as the Geneva Convention, the United Nations Bill of Rights of Reptile Refugees, or even, just possibly, the 1802 Old Man Bay Convocation governing the Alligatory Rights of Roaming Reptiles.

Take care, Government – let us not endanger our enviable international reputation of compassion for all, repatriation for some and rollover for many.

David R. Myers