Tips to help kids keep their weight in check


With the ever-growing focus on technology, individual health and fitness levels of children is falling well back on the burners of priority in many of today’s schools.

And the effects are being seen. Children are obese, overweight, out of shape, oversized and they need help. They are asking for help, especially teenage girls who say they need to build confidence. I’m sure the same is true of boys.

Today’s modern biggie sizes and styles can do a lot to help a heavy adolescent in the fashion world, but little when it comes to health, energy and self-confidence.

Children and teens are suffering from diseases and conditions previously prevalent in adults. Things are getting out of control for many families, and this is a vital area to look at in terms of quality of life.

There’s still time to put the brakes on if you are concerned about the fact that your children are gaining too much weight. There are many resources and individuals to help you. Most of the equation involves parental guidance, some discipline and lots of common sense.

The Be Active programs are gaining recognition and are successfully running in some schools. Lifestyles offers a teenage girl weight loss group after school. As loving parents, here are some tips to help:

Monitor purchasing of junk food. Cellophane wrapped packages offer little in the way of nutrition. They can’t eat it if you don’t buy it.

Kids like crunchy snacks that are usually high in fat and calories. Skip the chips and cheezies; good old fashioned popcorn is a wonderful snack. New products made with soy are showing up in the snacking sections of supermarkets. Check it out.

Prepare nutritious meals for your family…sit and eat together.

Make eating vegetables part of the daily plan. Peanut Butter on celery, carrots, apples and pears are great snacks that kids like.

Watch school lunch programs to ensure your children are eating the right things. If the school’s menu is limited, have kids pack their own lunches.

Reduce and eliminate high sugar sodas and drinks. Encourage water, natural fruit juices, lemonade and more water.

Be a role model for your children. Health is a legacy to leave with them.

Relax and allow treats…..after all, life is fun and part of a healthy lifestyle is moderation in all things.

Please contact Lifestyles for more information on child/teen programs and services.

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