Enhance our dive standards

It is very troubling to see a marked increase in the number of diving accidents and/or deaths in this country.

I would hope that there is appropriate expression of sympathy being given at the appropriate administration and industry levels to the family of the deceased.

It is continuously evident that there is an unwelcome trend brewing and that the laze-affaire days of yesterday and industry self regulation must now come to an end.

The Cayman Islands for many years has been a renowned dive destination, acclaimed by most if not all dive industry journals.

The calibre of staff – local and immigrant – for many years has been touted as being the best with due care and attention of guests being paramount to the service provided.

It is perhaps necessary at this time to fully re-examine the operational practices of all dive operators, the standards and methodology used, the protocol for acceptance of individuals seeking to dive, and the process of investigation of accidents to assure that claims of negligence or ineptitude do not become buzz-words that categorize our tourist dive product.

Needless to say we have some of the best operators in the world, but this does not exempt us from constantly enhancing and improving our processes and stature.

John Henry Ebanks