Gov’t didn’t inspire expression

Mr. Hawley’s comments indeed are thought provoking and with a measure of merit.

There is however another school of thought on the why people are expressing themselves more openly.

Has Mr. Hawley considered the fact that unlike the 70s when I presume he arrived on the Island a number of the indigenous population were either still in school, here or abroad or working abroad, or indeed generally speaking more concerned with making a living, and/or trying to establish themselves for the eventual onslaught of capital investment and importation of labour, which precedes today’s immigration woes, and us against them attitudes fuelled largely by ministerial statements.

Does Mr. Hawley remember that we socialized then more then than we do now, therefore there was no need to write to any newspaper for we saw one another, citizen, politician, foe or enemy and were able to thrash out matters of national concern face to face or over a good pot of stew dinner and a dem times Heineken beer at somebody’s house.

Does Mr. Hawley know that Caymanians are great talkers and not writers, and that the so called intimidation of yesteryear was not just at government level but at business levels for the fear of a customer not patronizing an entity because an employee was politically outspoken, or the scenario where if you considered running for politics, you had to be careful because your loan might be called if you were on the wrong side.

Mr. Hawley, it is not because of the PPM that we now choose to speak more openly, it is because of our ever maturing society, where we see that keeping our mouths shut have got us nowhere, where we see that we have the right to improve ourselves, educate our children, aspire to more than just going fishing, going to sea, working on the docks or working in construction etc. and we now pay more therefore we demand more from governments than we did before.

This in part is fuelled by the increased promises made by successive governments which in many cases are not kept and continue to be promises to use in the next election. We speak because we have been exposed to other cultures at home and abroad and see that our representatives must be held accountable, and that we have the opportunity through the media to let them know that we are not satisfied and that we are holding them to their promises and we are noting their performance for their end of term evaluation where if found to be wanting they will surely be replaced.

We express ourselves through the news media more often because there are more channels of communication and our people in general are more educated, more conscious and more capable.

These attributes and the present and future verbal (talk show rhetoric and all) and written expression, is not due to the PPM, sah! It is due to the fact that a small island that time forgot has now been awakened and its people are coming in from the cold. The process started long before PPM was born.

John Henry Ebanks