Ritz rolls out red carpet with sushi menu

The Ritz-Carlton has rolled out the red carpet with its new sushi menu in a selection that delivers the wow factor both in quality and price.

The menu, crafted by the hotel’s chef de garde, Alain Gobeil, and the Silver Palm Manager Oliver Rassinoux, underscores the adage that few things top the pleasure of food. Food – that is – that’s well prepared, meticulously presented and above all fresh.

Add to the mix, the creative flair of two full-time itamae’s (sushi chefs) in a setting where fine dining is effortless and it’s clear that the Ritz has created a recipe for success.

Despite some fairly stiff competition, the hotel has quickly manoeuvred its menu into pole position as having one of the islands’ widest sushi selections.

Set in the refined yet relaxed ambience of the Silver Palm’s wine bar, the sushi menu leaves no margin for error using only grade one fish bought in that day and the freshest of seasonal produce.

With well-thought out dishes, which elevate eating to performance art, the food is a balm to those tired of heavier, less healthy fare.

And with a selection of 16 or so makis (sushi rolls), each artfully arranged, diners are limited only by time and keenness of appetite.

Choosing from a menu that won’t have you feeling bloated, diners are tempted by hand rolls like those dressed in spicy red snapper or the range of sashimis.

Makis stuffed with succulent strips of cuttle fish, octopus, vinegared mackerel or bbq eel are some of the more exotic rolls to tempt even the most jaded of palettes.

Introduced a month ago, the Ritz-Carlton’s sushi menu has something to please everyone.

Among the favourites are the menu’s signature rolls. These include the superb Cilantro, Jalapeno and Red Snapper roll and the Rainbow maki with scallop, lightly spiced and topped with tuna, salmon, snapper and avocado.

A nod to the region and the supremacy of seafood locally can be found in the stunningly presented Great Caribbean Roll. Filled as it is with Caribbean lobster and asparagus and topped with smoked salmon, it almost makes a meal in itself.

Another favourite is the Futo Maki a generously sized roll crammed with tuna, prawn, crab, mango, cucumber and tobiko (fish roe).

The beauty of sushi is that it straddles the divide between a light finger food snack and a substantial meal with seemingly endless combinations.

Drinks and desserts

Liquid refreshments are equally extensive.

Along with the several brands of saki, the wine bar offers over 40 wines from across the globe. These range from a modest Chenin Blanc to a ’96 Mouton Rothschild.

And thanks to the wine bar’s ingenious couvinet system, the opened bottles are kept fresh for longer. The only such system on the islands allows the bar to sell even high end wines by the glass.

Those wanting something non-alcoholic can choose from a great selection of loose leaf teas and soft drinks.

For those who are completely besotted with the sushi but want to move from savoury to something sweet, help is at hand.

Carrying on the sushi theme, try both the Chocolate Silk and the Fruit Sushi desserts.

The first, simply put, is a chocoholic’s dream. This rich bitter-sweet torte, balanced by a generous dollop of fresh berries and coulis, won’t fail to delight.

Try also the clever nod Japanese fare in the menu’s Fruit Sushi – sweetened rice wrapped with mango and raspberry ‘seaweed’ served with crisp sesame tuille.

The other dessert option is the ever popular vanilla bean crème brulee.

Topped off with an aromatic night cap from the Ritz’s after dinner coffee selection, there can be few better ways to close a meal.

The Ritz-Carlton’s sushi menu is served daily from 5pm to 11pm in the Silver Palm wine bar.

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