Disappointed that doctor left

It was with great disappointment to learn of the letting go of Dr. Helen Anderson (surgeon) at Cayman Islands HSA.

I learned of her departure when I showed up to an appointment and was told she no longer worked there.

In September of 2006 I was placed in the care of Dr. Anderson after being sick for several months. Dr. Anderson along with another great, Dr. Fiona Robertson, worked together in sorting my condition out.

Dr. Anderson did surgery on my foot in September and worked diligently to save my foot.

Dr. Anderson attended to me with care that I had not experienced or received from any other doctor at that hospital.

There were times when she was on a day off or working late in the evenings that she would come in to check her patients. I remember asking her if she didn’t have a family at home. Why she was out on weekends and late evenings? This was how dedicated and caring Dr. Anderson was.

In November 2006 after being in the hospital for a few months, another doctor suggested amputating my foot.

Dr. Anderson, along with another doctor, after investigating all other options, located a surgeon in Houston who would save my foot.

After investigating as to why Dr. Anderson was no longer with the hospital, I was told because she was overworked and asked for assistance or relief.

Was it not better for her to get a better schedule than to get sick or unable to take care of her patients?

I ask this: when is the HSA going to stop losing some of the best doctors and take the interest and health of patients at heart.

I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Anderson for her care to me while I was in the hospital and for her playing a part in saving my foot.

Darlene Manzanares

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