Directories feature post codes

The Cayman Islands Postal Service, the new Buzz telephone book and ECay have joined forces to take the sting out of finding local postcodes.

Both directories now include postcodes in their address listings, according to a CIPS release.

Postcode locators can also be found in the Caribbean Publishing telephone book and in all post offices. CIPS has a postcode finder on its website,, and has given ECay’s publishers permission to use the postcode finder on the ECay website.

Evidence shows that people are logging on to the website to find Cayman Islands postcodes and addressing information from overseas.

Since CIPS began monitoring its website in September, it’s had an average of 12,000 hits a month.

‘We are pleased that the public is sending the message overseas that the Cayman Islands have a new postcode system. But we are also pleading with the public to begin using the addressing system that includes the postcode, because incorrect addressing causes delays in delivery of mail,’ Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow said.

Helpful hints on ‘Writing it Right’ to the Cayman Islands can be found on the website under Addressing Guide.

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