Paradise brews perfect cup

Newly-formed company Paradise Coffee is helping coffee connoisseurs brew the perfect cup.

The local company, formed three months ago, is importing a range of coffee equipment and products, available to consumers in Kirk Supermarket.

The coffee, Java One, is sold as single cup coffee pods, which, according to the company’s owner Fritz Sajovitz, means you will always get the perfect cup of fresh coffee, brewed in just 30 seconds.

The pods allow coffee drinkers to brew just one cup of coffee at a time, ensuring there is no waste. Each pod is individually wrapped and flushed with nitrogen before sealing, which guarantees no oxidisation takes place.

‘With the pod system you just brew one cup at a time, so coffee is always fresh, never stale or burnt. It’s also incredibly simple to use. There’s no grinding or preparation. It just takes 30 seconds.

‘It’s not instant. It’s the real brew, but in a fraction of the time,’ Mr. Sajovitz said.

The coffee pods come in a range of flavours, including French vanilla, hazelnut crème and decaf Columbian, with beans sourced from destinations such as Sumatra, Costa Rica and Hawaii.

Paradise Coffee is also importing a selection of coffee makers, water filters and Java One tea pods.

The company offer free tasting, Monday and Friday, 4pm to 8pm at Kirks.