Alcohol, speed fatal combination

Thanks for allowing me to use this medium to publicly say how sad it is to watch us lose what I call our boys so rapidly on this Island.

My heart goes out as each one is a mother’s son.

I can imagine the heartbreak and pain it causes families at this time. My sympathy and heart go out to these families.

I will quickly switch gears to speak about our young men in general. Many of them on this Island are smart, productive young men who are trying to accomplish a career for themselves by enrolling themselves in college here or overseas.

Then there are those who have found a vocation or trade that they like and are trying to make an honest living with that trade.

Then there are those who are still in high school and trying very hard to apply themselves and complete high school.

Then there is a group that is very community spirited and is involved in many civic activities.

So collectively these are young men who have decided they will be productive citizens of our Island.

And to that I must say thank you to every one of our males who are trying to do their part respectively to make our Island a better place to live in.

On the other hand there are many that are succumbing to the pressures of the speed, weed and thug/gang culture.

I don’t personally know any of the young men at all that were involved in these accidents.

What I am made to understand is that it only takes one or two beers to make you very brave!

I do know that alcohol mixed with speed is a fatal combination.

Look at the statistics over the world showing how many accidents alcohol as contributed to.

I also know this and that is why I am very disturbed at the amount of bars that have been opened over the last two years on this Island.

As a Caymanian, I must say it is becoming a drunken society to raise teenagers in. It is a fact now almost every corner these young men go to socialize they will be bombarded with the pressure and choice to drink or not to drink.

I ask how do we build a nation of good boys, boyfriends, husbands and fathers if they are falling victims to alcohol.

Why shouldn’t a young man think it is cool to drink and drive when they see so many adults socializing at these bars and then get right into their cars and get behind the wheel?

The only difference is young people tend to feel 10 times more invincible than us older heads.

Not only is there a bar now on literally almost every corner but they are becoming one up alongside many of our churches.

I beg the church to start a campaign against bars in this Island. I don’t mean simply meeting with politicians, but I mean sticking with it and being passionate about getting a moratorium reinstated before us as Caymanians become like the American Indians in which the native people stayed on the reservations and became alcoholics and the foreign people came in and took over their land.

There is just no question in my mind that alcohol is contributing to the social and physical decay of our families today but especially our boys.

Jackie Ebanks

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