Gov’t hurting poor

I try to find time to write a letter to the editor but my preoccupation with my financial survival prevents me from relaxing even just a few minutes each day.

I hope and pray that I might be the only one suffering as a result of the high cost of living but I now from the daily complaints from people I meet each day that I am not alone in my suffering. You say the price of turtle meat gone up again.

I wonder what the people are thinking about their daily lives and how many still feel release from the so called dictatorship of the past UDP government.

The transparency of this PPM government blinds many still; however, when the Leader of Government Business is able to say to callers to the Issue 27 show, which dealt with the cost of living, that he was just joking then I at least know that the joke is on all of us – UDP and PPM supporters alike. How can a big man joke while discussing the lives his people?

That was a stupid question I asked myself.

What I should have asked is how could Mr. Kurt sell the one little piece of land the UDP government developed for the poorer residents of GT. He promises to buy other land. Where and at what price? Does he want the residents of George Town that voted him in to live with Mr. McLean in East End?

The saying goes that he who has little will have less and even that will be taken away. Why does still government not recognize that there was a social development strategy left behind by the UDP? How can we improve the education of the poor if we don’t improve the families and the communities that socialize the children in our poor neighborhoods?

I think that the PPM government is really the poor man’s misery as many are now saying. They want to hire more policemen from foreign countries and build more prisons but not one affordable house in two years. If you had a plan why does it take two years, or is the long time the result of the fact that they don’t yet have the money to afford a consultant?.

The PPM government needs a foreign police around each corner and a foreign consultant around the bend in order to know how to keep the power out of the hands of the people.

I know we have a police state and the sad and dangerous fact is that the policemen don’t look or talk like Caymanians. They work for money and sunshine and when they enjoy their leisure they do so in their separated communities. They don’t know us and they don’t want to know us except as objects to be policed.

We need to invest in the inner city communities of GT, not just in police cars to protect the private property of the wealthy.

Crime is also the act of knowingly preventing a child from reaching his other full human potential. Crime is also denying poor people food and shelter. A capital crime is selling the little piece of land poor people had. When will the PPM go on trial?

Frank McField

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