CaymanOne done

E-Technologies, which did business as CaymanOne, has thrown in the towel after more than two years of trying to enter the telecommunication market here.

Licensed by the Information and Communications Technology Authority on 22 July 2004, the company sustained a major setback with Hurricane Ivan destroyed its offices at the Mirco Centre less than two months later.

Despite a substantial investment in rebuilding, staffing and equipping the company, it was never able to get off the ground. It still had hopes of operating through last year and was responding to ICTA consultation requests through May 2006.

CaymanOne had hoped to provide Grand Cayman customers with a full range of telecommunications services and products, included mobile and fixed line telephony, high-speed Internet, data networking and even pay-per-view television.

Acting managing director of the ICTA Mark Connors said telecom licensees must provide the services they are licensed for within a certain period of time. However, in the case of CaymanOne, the ICTA did not push the issue, Mr. Connors said.

‘The Authority did monitor the situation, and [e-Technologies] was keeping us informed. It hadn’t come down to a revocation issue.’

E-technologies has reached a deal for the sale of its licence and equipment with Blue Sky Wireless Ltd. That sale is subject to ICTA approval, which is currently pending.

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