UK reception aids Blues Iguanas

The Palace of Westminster in London came alive with the sound of steel drums recently at an event to raise money for the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme in Cayman.

The dinner and auction, organised by Kate Kandiah of the Cayman Islands Government Office, was initiated by the Friends of Cayman UK Chairman, John Owen.

The event was officially sponsored by Andrew Rosindell, a member of the Cayman Islands All-Party Parliamentary Group and was co-hosted by the Friends of Cayman and the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

The event began with a lively reception held on the Terrace of the House of Commons overlooking the river, where guests were entertained with steel drums, champagne and an informative presentation by Fred Burton, director of the recovery programme, who described the important work that needs to be done in Cayman to protect the Blue Iguana., states a press release

The three course dinner in the historic Churchill Room of the House of Commons was followed by a lively auction conducted by Lord Jeffrey Archer and raised about $28,000, which in addition to money made from the dinner and further donations, brings the total raised for the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme to just under $50,000.

The event was attended by a number of London firms sharing associations with the Cayman Islands as well as individual Friends of Cayman and Officers of the Maritime Authority and Civil Aviation Authority of Cayman Islands. The staff of the Cayman Islands Government Office, that was instrumental in the organization of the event, was extremely pleased with the outcome; Jennifer Dilbert, Cayman Islands Government representative in the UK, commented that ‘putting on this kind of event involves a lot of time and effort, but seeing such a good result makes it all worthwhile. The atmosphere on the night was fabulous and along with raising funds, events like these also raise the profile and standing of the Cayman Islands in Westminster.’

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