Water Authority boosts reading

The Water Authority recently donated $2,000 to the PACE High School Drop Everything and Read project, which aims to improve the literacy level of its students.

The programme will encourage students to read for at least 10 minutes every Friday morning during tutorial time.

Ms. June Elliott, School Leader, wrote to the Water Authority-Cayman explaining that the classroom libraries needed help where resources were very limited or almost non-existent.

‘There are many things that capture the interest of children and vie for their time. Unfortunately for some, the list does not include reading. The motivation to read tends to decrease as children get older. Reading is like any other skill, if you don’t practice it you won’t become better at it.’

The DEAR project will be a launching pad for more reading programme initiatives and the Water Authority-Cayman is pleased to be a donor to support this endeavour, states a press release. The Water Authority Board of Directors recognizes that this represents an extremely important effort to encourage students to read more and was pleased to be able to provide this assistance to expand the projects resources.

‘Projects such as these are vital as it gives these students the opportunity to take ten minutes of their day to read for the sake of enjoyment and hopefully encourage them to continue to read more on their own,’ said Ms Gelia Frederick-van Genderen, director of the Water Authority-Cayman.

The Water Authority is the statutory body responsible for the management of water and wastewater in the Cayman Islands. The Administrative Headquarters is located at 13G Red Gate Road, George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

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