Hew’s caters to cooks

Opens new Restaurant Depot

Hew’s Hotel and Restaurant Supplies has upped its anti in service to the Cayman Islands with the opening if its new Restaurant Depot.

Mr. Hew

Mr. Hew

Hew’s has been serving the hotel and restaurant trade of the Cayman Islands for 35 years; leaders in serviceable chemicals, paper disposables and industrial cooking equipment.

On 21 March it opened it’s new store in the Beacon Light Plaza at the corner of Dorcy Drive and Sound Road.

The Restaurant Depot is a wholesale/retail storefront dedicated to the professional chef or enthusiastic home cook.

‘We recognized a need in the market for a store geared towards the chefs,’ said Joey Hew, managing director of Hew’s Supplies and Restaurant Depot. ‘We had a showroom across the road at Hew’s but it was small and inconvenient whereas this store is comfortable, easy to shop in and full of choices; the chefs or cooks can browse the aisles. The store has a full supply of bar products, catering supplies, cooking utensils and smallwares, bakery supplies, chef’s clothing, oriental tools, and all the little things that once had to be special ordered.’

Lenny Hew, the founder of Hew’s Supplies and his wife Valma, cut the yellow ribbon that opened the store, with friends, family and guests in attendance. Inside a new customer was heard to remark, ‘This is really nice!’ And it is: the shop is relaxing, decorated and full of stuff. It’s not warehouse shopping, it’s retail shopping at wholesale pricing.

‘A chef won’t pay any more in here than he would across the road at the warehouse.’

Added Joey: ‘The idea was to make it easier and more pleasant for them to shop, not more expensive; and to allow for the non-professionals, the housewives, the Sunday backyard barbecuers, the dedicated cooks, the fishermen and the Easter campers to shop.’

Fishermen seemed like an odd addition until Mr. Hew explained that they sell more of certain knives to fishermen than they do to cooks.

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