The Easter bun is done


It’s back to work for most of us now as the beautiful Easter break ends. For many, Easter and Lent offered a springboard for habit change, renewal of commitment and/or a ‘dying to self’.

Some gave up meat during the season. Others alcohol. No doubt, many people are feeling healthier with integrity in place after fulfilling pledges.

For many of us, however, the Easter Bun and Cheese may remain yet unfinished, and a decision may be in store for how to get back on track after the long weekend of relaxation, fun and food. How are you feeling?

Discipline may now be in order to restore healthy patterns of living, and with this will come a renewed sense of energy and well being. The critical aspect may be getting over the first few hurdles such as getting out of bed early to resume the early morning pre-work walk or replacing the bun and cheese with lower calorie food.

In whatever areas you feel the need to tighten your healthy living muscle, here are a few discourses on the word ‘discipline’ discussed in recent Lifestyle classes.

Although the word ‘discipline’ can imply a sense of ‘strictness’ or ‘having to obey’, it also presents itself as:

Stretching beyond previous limits (walking an extra half hour this week)

Setting boundaries (limiting alcohol, portions of food)

Getting results

Overcoming self (the lazier, self-indulgent nature)


Making the effort regardless of the mood

So whether new April plans include stronger discipline in areas of health and fitness, losing weight or simply removing the Easter temptations from your line of fire, life encourages each of us to ‘just do it’.

The minor pain and discomfort of self-discipline is outweighed by the reward – success and achievement of our goals.

Just ask any university student; you have to study, discipline yourself and do the work in order to graduate. So it is in the university of healthy living. I hope to see you in a Lifestyles class soon if you need help and encouragement.

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