Pay attention to ecology

It is very sad to be reading your paper and find that there still is no comprehensive environmental programme for your Islands.

Like many investors in your island home, I am an outside’.

I have no vested interest in the Caymans.

Neither have I the desire to turn a quick profit with as little government interference as possible. If and when the Mangrove forests and coral reefs are dead and there are no fish to view while diving or even fishing, I will be sad, but will return to dive at some more progressive island or country than yours.

The banks will probably still be there and perhaps some duty free shopping of imports such as jewellery or leather. The investors won’t care, as they will have made their money and gotten out. Most of the world will forget about it.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Good environmental management is good business. It creates jobs. It creates technology that hasn’t even been dreamed of yet. It promotes more and long-term businesses, including tourism. Stringent environmental regulation does all of these and promotes health and well-being, too! What is so scary about that?

The Cayman Islands represents a fragile ecosystem that won’t survive much abuse. I urge Caymanians to think of what they want for themselves, their lifestyle, their health and well-being and their ecological treasures. External interests will be more interested in investing in a community with longevity.

Katherine Wampler – Indiana. USA

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