Down to earth fun at Boatswain’s

It was ‘ole time’ fun all the way at Boatswain’s Beach last week where children and adults got to soak up culture and traditional games as part of Earth Week celebrations.

Spinning gigs, marbles, egg and spoon races – where competitors were tied together with silver thatch rope – sack races, hopscotch, skip rope and coconut husk races all featured last Saturday and Sunday.

Cayman Traditional Arts supervised the activities on the picturesque setting of the Cayman Street, where time honoured Caymanian porches front onto pretty sand gardens.

All week long, from 9 to 15 April, a special admission rate for locals of CI$10 for adults and CI$4 for children, saw many Caymanians and expatriates turn out to enjoy the fun. But the mix was split up evenly with tourists also, noted Chris Christian of Cayman Traditional Arts.

Earlier in the week workshops had kept visitors entertained: they enjoyed making plantain trash pillows, kites and brooms under the patient guidance of CTA staff.

On Sunday, in a true spirit of cultural fun, CTA’s Rodney Ebanks and Mr. Christian showed children how marbles are played, hosted sack races, and invited all to try their hand at broom making and thatch weaving. Throughout the week a total of 57 brooms were made, Mr. Christian noted.

But it is not only during Earth Week that ‘ole time’ culture can be enjoyed. CTA is present on the Cayman Street each day with varying cultural crafts on display and interactive craft-making taking place between various skilled Caymanians and visitors. Everything from the making of miniature catboats, jams and cakes, fish pots, calavans (old time bird and rabbit trap), driftwood signs, paintings and brooms is available to entertain the visitor.

‘Ole time’ tradition is truly alive and well at Boatswain’s Beach.

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