Donations boost Maple House

Two donations, one for CI$10,000 from the Royal Bank of Canada, has given Professionals for Hope enough money to begin its Maple House renovation project.

Maple House is currently the home for seven young people with severe mental and/or physical disabilities.

Royal Bank of Canada Trust Company Managing Director Deanna Bidwell said her organisation is committed to supporting projects that foster the health and well-being of the community.

‘Our donations are meant to empower organisations that can make a difference and inspire us,’ she said. ‘Maple House provides key services that enrich the comforts of young people in need.’

Ms Bidwell said she was proud of the Professionals for Hope organisation.

‘I am also honoured to see a number of my colleagues donate their time to this inspiring effort,’ she said.

Royal Bank of Canada became the third platinum donor for the project, joining Butterfield Bank and Turner and Roulstone.

In addition to the Royal Bank donation, Julius Baer Bank and Trust Company Limited also donated CI$1,000 to the cause.

With more than two-thirds of the funds needed for the Maple House renovation now raised, work on the project can begin, said Professionals for Hope member David Mullen.

‘With the funds received to date and the commitments of volunteer labour that we have received, we are able to start work on the project,’ he said.

A total of CI$60,000 is needed in labour cost, materials and equipment to make all of the renovations needed at Maple House. A little more than CI$40,000 has been raised so far, said Professionals for Hope Chairwoman Joan Dowling.

‘We have now reached over two thirds of our target and we are well on track to make this project a reality in the next few months,’ she said. ‘I am sure we will receive the balance very soon. We are very grateful to all those who have supported this project.’

Professionals for Hope is a volunteer organisation that is committed to making a difference in the lives of people in need who are often forgotten in the Cayman community.

The Maple House project aims not only to make the lives of its residents more comfortable, but also to improve conditions for the dedicated caregivers at the facility, Ms Dowling said.

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