Mirror, indicate and manoeuvre

Let me please first say that I respect and acknowledge the splendid work that our constabulary do on the island.

I drove through downtown George Town Easter Sunday and was extremely taken by surprise to find the RCIPS officers stopping drivers right at the traffic light on the seafront, which to me seemed a little daft as it was causing traffic congestion with those cars that were not pulled over wanting to pass and meeting the oncoming traffic.

I learned that they were on a seat-belt drive, pulling those drivers that were not wearing theirs.

I understand that it is law to be wearing your seat-belt but in my opinion it is not one of those laws that deserve such close scrutiny as you are only going to injure yourself by not wearing it, which would lead me to believe it was a revenue generating operation as opposed to protecting the public.

It also occurs to me that, in my opinion, their time would be better spent instructing drivers on the proper use of indicators/signals when going round, let us say, a roundabout, as most of the time when driving the ability to be psychic is often needed.

The whole point of a roundabout is to keep traffic flowing but which is made quite difficult when you have to err on the side of caution as the oncoming traffic is not giving any clues away (hence why the little amber/red lights are called indicators/signal lights).

I understand that in a lot of cases it is not the driver’s fault as they have not been taught properly in the first place. (I followed a learner driver on Saturday, 7 April, and for the time I was behind, not one signal was used).

I do believe this would make some difference in the accident statistics for the better and please remember (as I was always taught) mirror, indicate, and manoeuvre.

Matthew Pearson

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