A future humanitarian leader

Dylan Bostock, an eight- year-old student of Montessori by the Sea, made an enormous impact on all Rotarians, including his Father Rotarian Stuart Bostock, of the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman recently with his compassion and maturity as he spoke about a fundraising project he initiated to help raise funds for a charity called Amman Imman.

Dylan explained how he had spearheaded a fundraiser with the help of his fellow classmates and their parents and teachers and set up a car wash at the Countryside Shopping Village.

He obtained donations from AL Thompson’s in the guise of buckets and sponges and the Countryside shopping Village donated the water and hoses. In just four hours on a hot Saturday afternoon they washed over 50 cars and raised CI$436.

The Rotarians were so touched by Dylan’s compassion and initiative at such a tender age that they decided to donate monies themselves to this important cause and raised CI$578 the monies raised were then matched by the club, The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman, and Dylan returned to school with a total of CI$1,156 to put into his fund raising account.

The charity Amman Imman, which has recently just partnered with Montessori schools worldwide, is dedicated to improving and saving lives amongst the poorest and most abandoned populations of the world by supplying permanent water sources to the people living in the Azawak Valley, West Africa.