Today’s Editorial May 02: Mail snafu cleared up

It appears a few hundred people are going to have Christmas in May this week.

Some 4,000 pieces of mail are arriving in the Cayman Islands from Miami.

While that’s not unusual – we get mail from Miami every day – it is unusual that the mail dates back to December 2004 through February 2005.

It’s been sitting in a warehouse in Miami all that time, apparently forgotten about until it was discovered last month.

Workers at shipping company Thompson Line found the missing mail when they were cleaning out the warehouse.

While it’s not totally clear exactly what happened between Thompson and the freight forwarder hired to get the mail to the Cayman Islands, it is clear that the fault doesn’t fall on the Cayman Islands Postal Service.

It does mean that the folks who work diligently every day at the postal service will have a little extra work to contend with as the errant mail arrives and is sorted.

It is believed that most of the mail came from the UK and Europe.

We wonder how many people were disappointed in Christmas 2004 when they didn’t receive that annual Christmas check from Aunt Ethel or the book that was ordered for a present never made it to its intended recipient.

And God forbid the thought that any families found themselves in tiffs when an anticipated present never showed.

It’s not the first time we’ve had problems getting our mail from Miami and it probably won’t be the last.

But it would appear the Postal Service here has a pretty good handle on the situation.

It can only be frustrating for them to have to deal with a problem that was generated in another country.

We also have to wonder if Hurricane Ivan had anything to do with the mail problem more than two years ago.

Most of us were trying to rebuild our lives, businesses and homes after the Category 5 hurricane devastated Grand Cayman in September 2004.

But now that the mail has been found it can be delivered to its rightful owners, if they are still in the Cayman Islands.

And who knows, someone may just get to have Christmas 2004 in May.

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