Puppies face death

Humane Society is overcrowded

The Humane Society Shelter

The Humane Society Shelter is overburdened with 113 dogs, of which are 64 puppies. The animals need homes or they face certain death.
Photo: Jewel Levy

The Humane Society shelter is over capacity and some animals may have to be put down.

Ms Sugar Evans, who is in charge of the facility, said overcrowding has become much worse in the past six weeks with pregnant dogs giving birth to new litters.

Among the abandoned animals at the shelter are 64 puppies that are in dire need of new homes. Add to that the 49 dogs and the Shelter is teeming with unwanted canines.

The facility was built to hold 36 dogs; not the 113 in total there now.

‘Most of the puppies are born here or are left at the front door overnight,’ Ms Evans said.

‘We have had a number of pregnant mothers dropped off at our door that are giving birth to litters of puppies a few days later.’

While there is no set time to put animals down, the decision has to be made when too many puppies and dogs are at the Shelter.

‘It’s getting sad. We might have to do something soon,’ she said.

She predicted Wednesday morning that if two or three more litters showed up in the afternoon, the decision would have to be made.

No puppies have been put down in the past couple of months, but it appears the fate of those abandoned at the Shelter is sealed.

Some may be shipped to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, to a shelter there that takes only puppies.

But not all will go.

Overcrowding is also having a negative effect on the behaviour and mood of the animals, Ms Evans said.

‘It has a terrible effect on them. They are fighting for food, for space; they get frustrated.’

Ms Evans said irresponsible owners who didn’t spay and neuter their pets are responsible for much of the overcrowding.

She also called on landlords to be flexible about allowing pets onto rented premises.

‘Lighten up. I know landlords have to protect their property but maybe they could consider charging a premium to allow tenants to keep pets.’

People that aren’t in a position to adopt a new pet could still help the animals by becoming volunteer dog walkers, Ms Evans said.

For information on adopting a new pet or becoming a volunteer dog walker call the Humane Society on 949-1461.

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