Smoking law is ridiculous

Smoking stinks.

As a smoker I can attest to that.

That said, to put laws into place, to ban smoking without addressing more serious issues, is like condemning jaywalking while overlooking a drunk driver.

I cannot imagine why a government that fought so hard to obtain power would try so hard to be tossed out at the next election by proposing such a nonsensical law.

Fair enough; smoking is dangerous to your health but then again what isn’t bad for us.

And what guarantees do non-smokers have that they will outlive smokers?

If their argument is public health and safety, might I suggest they mimic the genius of Bermuda and limit one car per household and make it a hybrid vehicle or even better an electric vehicle (which by the way are illegal here).

How about emission control laws to cut out the exhaust pollution on the island?

How about getting actively involved with recycling and reducing the stench of the landfill?

Have our ministers even considered our youth, whose health and lives are being destroyed by alcohol? How about raising the legal age for drinking to 21 years old and investing in facilities and activities for the youth other than sending them off to a bar?

I could go on forever with important issues that government refuses to address.

My question to our elected representatives is two fold: Who are they representing as it is not Caymanians? And what were they smoking when they came up with the idea to ban smoking?

Being that we are/are supposed to be a God fearing community, smoking could be seen as a desecration of the temple of God – our bodies. If that is the case, I say we first ban the sale and importation of all forms of contraception as it is biblically immoral.

We would also have to ban lawyers, homosexuals and all other religions.

My point is this, anyway you look at it would be an unexplainably ridiculous law.

Christian Mignon

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