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Cayman Classic

The Department of Tourism is hosting its fourth annual Cayman Food & Wine Classic this weekend.

In partnership with FOOD & WINE Magazine, the Cayman Classic offers three-days of food and wine seminars.

The event will be led by New York-based Sommelier Anthony Giglio, an award-winning contributor to numerous publications, writing regularly on all things fortifying and gastronomic; Head Chef and Proprietor of Gravitas restaurant in Houston, Texas, Scott Tycer; and chef Cornelius Gallagher, executive chef at Oceana restaurant in New York City.

Guests and residents will be entertained by cooking classes taught by world-class chefs and industry experts, and have the chance to attend special gala dinners with live entertainment.

The event is designed to attract food-lovers from around the world showcasing food and wine from abroad while leaving room for the legendary warmth, hospitality and the delicious local dishes of the Cayman Islands.


Friday, 11 May

12pm to 1pm – National Trust Caymanian cooking class. Classic conch stew by Bergman Ebanks, at the Marriott Beach Resort Orchid Ballroom. $20 per person.

1.30pm to 2.30pm – Culinary demonstration and sampling. Aquatic cooking with Cornelius Gallagher, executive chef at NYC’s top luxury caterer, Sonnier and Castle, at the Marriott Beach Resort, Orchid Ballroom. $20 per person.

3pm to 4pm – Old World vs. New World. Join Food and Wine magazine’s wine expert, Anthony Giglio, for a whirlwind varietal tour of grapes and wines defined by region. $20 per person, at the Marriot Beach Resort, Orchid Ballroom.

7pm – Gala dinner. Guest chefs Cornelius Gallagher and Scott Tycer join local chefs and Anthony Giglio for a sumptuous evening dining event. $80 per person at the Solano restaurant, Marriott Beach Resort.

Saturday, 12 May

11am to 12pm – The Joy of Rum. A Jacques Scott seminar on the art of making and enjoying rum, hosted by Master Blender Joy Spence of Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum. $20 per person, at the Marriott Beach Resort, Orchid Ballroom.

12.30pm to 1.30pm – National Trust Caymanian Cooking demonstration. Traditional cassava cake by Denise Bodden. $20 per person.

2pm to 3pm – Culinary demonstration and sampling. Spring: From Farm to Forest with Scott Tycer, head chef and owner of Houston’s Aries restaurant. $20 per person at the Marriott Beach Resort, Orchid Ballroom.

3.30pm to 4.30pm – New Zealand beyond Kiwis. Join Anthony Giglio for a tasting tour of New Zealand’s two most impressive grapes: Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, at the Marriott beach Resort, Orchid Ballroom.

7pm – Cayman Dining Diversions. A chance to meet, mingle and enjoy Cayman’s world-class restaurants. Prix-fixe menu at Casa Havana, Blue by Eric Ripert, Hemingways, Icoa, Mezza and Ristorante Pappagallo.

Sunday, 13 May

9pm to 1.30pm – Celebrity chef cook-off and champagne brunch, featuring chefs Cornelius Gallagher and Scott Tycer. $40 per person, at the Marriot Beach Resort, Solana Restaurant.


Tickets are available from the Department of Tourism. Call 949-0623. Visit for further information.