Med students graduate

More than 300 friends and family, faculty, trustees and staff turned out 5 May at the Westin to watch St. Matthews University School of Medicine students graduate.

This graduating class was especially unique, their studies having been interrupted by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, taken up again in Maine and then resuming in Cayman.

Among this year’s graduates were Caymanians Gillian Lawrence and Daaron McField.

Former teachers and friends recognized their achievement in extraordinary circumstances, having made the difficult choice of leaving the work of rebuilding their devastated Island to others in order to pursue a career that will bring hope to many in the future.

Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong a member of the school’s board of trustees and a faculty member of Harvard Medical School, stressed the importance of life long learning and that no school could ever prepare them fully other than to show them how to learn.

“What is new today that will help my patients? Is something you should continually be addressing throughout your careers,” she said

Explaining that even now half of what they learned may be obsolete, she added that students must ensure they kept learning to stay abreast of the constant breathtaking developments in medicine.

After conferring the degrees to the students present at the ceremony, John Marvin, chancellor of St Matthew’s offered his congratulations to the new physicians and applauded their commitment.

After taking the Hippocratic Oath, the students then joined guests for a lively garden champagne reception.

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