Poll: Keep Sir Turtle

More than 92 per cent of the 603 respondents to the most recent caycompass.com online poll think Cayman Airways should keep its long-used Sir Turtle Logo.

The largest voting group – 283 votes (46.9 per cent) – believe the logo should be kept exactly as it is.

‘The logo has earned as a function of time wide acceptance and equation with Cayman,’ said one respondent. ‘Better to keep it.’

‘Sir Turtle is unique and my heart skips an extra beat when I see him in Miami on my way back home from across the pond,’ said another person.

‘Seriously; why waste money redesigning it?’ said someone else.

Another large voting block – 252 people (41.6 per cent) want to keep Sir Turtle but give it a modern-day make-over.

‘If anything needs to be done, then just add more colours to the plane, but definitely keep the logo,’ said one person. ‘The only thing I don’t like about [Sir Turtle] is his wooden foot. When I look at that, it reminds me of a past of piracy, which is nothing to be proud about.’

Someone else wanted a little more of a change.

‘As we age, our appearance, habits and business attitudes change. Sir Turtle’s time has come to evolve. The dinosaurs didn’t; see what happened to them?’

Twenty-three other voters (3.8 per cent) wanted to keep Sir Turtle, but in a lesser role in Cayman Airway’s branding.

Only 41 people (6.8 per cent) wanted to get rid of Sir Turtle.

‘I think the national airline needs a logo/mascot that isn’t so cartoon-like and childlike,’ said one person. ‘Cayman Airways needs something more modern.’

‘A turtle symbolises slowness; [something] not quick to react to change and it isn’t really very attractive,’ said someone else. ‘Why would you want the national airline to be associated with these features?’

Five voters (0.8 per cent) were unsure what to do with Sir Turtle.

‘The bigger issue is if Cayman actually needs the airline and can we continue to support the airline?’

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