Remember past

As a many times visitor to all three islands, the comments about tourism on Cayman brought up several emotions.

First, as has been mentioned by others, cruisers have little or no interest in Cayman as an island or the people as human beings. Many, if not most, could not tell you what island the cruise ship has dumped them on.

Do you really believe that cruisers are the future of Caymanian business? I emphatically do not. They spend little on trinkets but Cayman is not a true free port (thank heavens) with great buys. It is a wonderful place but a shopping destination it is not. A suggestion that comes from many friends of mine that used to come to Cayman regularly, look at your history and what really made Cayman popular. It was not another condominium or shop being opened, nor crowds on 7 Mile Beach from the cruise ships. It was the diving, the people, the island that time forgot. Go back to the past to discover the real Cayman of the future. The tourists will follow that.

Jerry Burton