Randyke homes flooded

Sewage water flooded homes at Randyke Gardens this week.

Some apartments contained nearly a foot of the foul smelling water, which had to be bailed from washing machines, tubs, toilets, kitchen sinks, showers and floors.

When residents asked about the $320,000 dollars funded by government to help with the problems at Randyke Gardens, they were told the money was there but a committee had to be elected.

Residents also said it is impossible to get home or mortgage insurance and some companies only offer contents insurance.

‘This has been happening from Mothers Day, what a wonderful Mothers Day present we home owners got,’ said one irate resident holding her small child outdoors because she could not take him back in the house.

‘I had to stop work today, how can I go to work when this is happening. The kitchen sink is overflowing with toilet paper and waste matter. It is enough to get anyone sick,’ said another.

Another resident who bought her apartment two years ago said she regretted ever buying the place.

Some residents not knowing what to do decided to call the Government for help.

George Town MLA Lucille Seymour visited the area on behalf of Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbett’s who was in Legislative Assembly at the time.

She encouraged residents to work with each other to see how best they could resolve the situation.

Ms Seymour also called Roydell Carter, the director at environmental health to see if that department could lend some assistance.

Some residents did call Entech Ltd. to have the pipes blown out.