‘I’ll be back’

‘I love Cayman,’ said Chad Johnson, the flamboyant superstar receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals. Johnson contributed his sticky Spider Man hands to the NFL Quarterback Challenge to help appease the quarterbacks who in previous years had complained about having to throw to wooden targets.

Johnson is about as far from wooden as one can get. Fans love him for his creative end zone antics after scoring touchdowns. Last year a Fox Sports poll named him the number-one ‘showboat’ in all professional sports. But Johnson toned it down during his visit here.

‘Cayman feels a lot like home to me. I live in Miami. But it’s a lot quieter here which is really nice. I’m enjoying the opportunity to get away and come here. I’ll be back. I definitely want to come here a lot more. It’s only an hour away for me so it’s great.’

Johnson finished last season with 87 receptions and a league leading 1,369 yards/7 touchdowns. He also signed a new contract last year worth $35.5 million over six years. -Guy P. Harrison