CAL cargo service changes possible

Although Cayman Airways officials have denied a report the airline is shutting down and outsourcing its cargo operations, there remains a possibility there could be significant changes to the operations.

CAL Chairwoman Angelyn Hernandez said a report about the airline shutting down cargo operations is incorrect.

‘What is correct is that we are looking at cargo in its entirety to have a more efficient service,’ she said. ‘We have not done [anything] as yet, so it is absolutely way too early to make any statements as to what will happen’.

Ms Hernandez said cargo remains a major part of Cayman Airway’s business.

CEO Patrick Strasburger said nothing has been finalised with regard to Cayman Airway’s cargo service. He said no proposal to shut down the cargo operations and outsource them has come to him as of yet.

‘If I saw that proposal, I’d take a good serious look at it,’ he said, adding that the airline is making changes everywhere.

‘We’re looking at everything in our continuing effort to be more efficient and productive in everything we do,’ he said.

Minister of Tourism Charles Clifford agreed Cayman Airways said there might be some confusion about what might happen concerning the airlines cargo operations.

‘We’re trying to determine if it makes sense to keep the quick-change cargo plane or to outsource when we need to,’ he said.

Cayman Airways has one aircraft that can easily be converted from a passenger plane to a cargo plane.

‘The problem is, we have no exports, so it’s going one way empty,’ Mr. Clifford said. ‘It could make sense to outsource or lease an aircraft instead.’

Mr. Clifford said Cayman Airways is not getting out of the cargo business and agrees that it is an important part of the business.

Cayman Airways also ships cargo in the belly of its other aircraft, but under international rules, it can only accept cargo from know shippers on a passenger plane.

Mr. Clifford pointed out that Cayman Airways already outsources cargo shipments on occasion – often to DHL – when its quick-change aircraft has to be used as a replacement for one of its other aircraft when it is undergoing scheduled maintenance.

A cost analysis of Cayman Airways cargo operations is under way to determine the best way forward, Mr. Clifford said.