Savannah decision is about business

Regarding the story, Liquor store clash heats up, this is absolutely absurd.

Do you know how many people have to pass Savannah to get to and from home?

When more things are available in more places, we take one step farther as a country.

This is about business.

This is not about the debatable segment of the Savannah population that is against alcohol.

In fact, if we could be real about this for a minute, Savannah does not have a dry reputation amongst Caymanians. In fact, it is exactly the opposite.

Jacques Scott is simply trying to maintain a presence within the same area because it is losing its current location to further the infrastructure development of the country!

What is so wrong about that?

The On The Run by Kirk’s Supermarket is right across from a cemetery – they sell alcohol, and it sells it later than Jacques Scott does! Everything is in proximity to everything else on this island! There are always going to be schools and churches.

Where were all the protestors against the complex once it opened? Isn’t it nice now to not have to drive to Grand Harbour and then get stuck behind someone going 25 on your way back to Savannah while your family waits on whatever you forgot to get for dinner?

Jacques Scott is a quality establishment and its even promised not to sell single quantities of anything. What more could you ask out of a Caymanian company with a good reputation and 40 years behind it, which is having its store destroyed?

I’ll say one thing: even if I didn’t want a liquor store somewhere, if it was going to happen, I’d be glad Jacques Scott was the store.

Grow up Cayman.

Travis Ritch

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