GT roads a disgrace

Please allow me space in your paper to highlight something we need to rectify immediately and without further delay, namely the state of the roads in George Town.

We are a country that boasts being one of the top financial centres in the world and we attract nearly 2 million cruise ship passengers every year, the majority of whom first set foot on our shores in George Town.

This being the case we ought to be ashamed at the utter shambles our roads are in, in the capital. If it is true that first impressions count then the impression we must be making is disgraceful.

I don’t think it is relevant why the roads have been carved up and poorly (if at all) patched up over the last few months, nor do I think it is helpful to point fingers and lay blame.

What clearly needs doing is a serious and proper repair job and it needs to be properly planned and executed, preferably over a weekend when our Cruise visitors and those locals that work in George Town will be least affected (which sadly has not been the case in the carving up stage of things!)

I am delighted to note that over a recent weekend Eastern Avenue has received a full tarmacking and I congratulate the PWD for a bang up job (that also needed doing) in a timely manner over a bank holiday weekend when the fewest people would be inconvenienced. Now can we please do George Town’s roads and pedestrian crossings so that we can go about our business and feel proud and not ashamed at the state of our Capital and its waterfront?

Emma Graham-Taylor

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