Today’s Editorial July 04: Air of electricity at UCCI

Sometimes lawmakers are hard pushed to justify expenditures.

Members of the public aren’t privy to every consideration that went into a budgeting decision.

But the decision to giving an additional $1.5 million to the University College of the Cayman Islands was spot on.

The allocation brings the total budget for the school to $3.8 million.

From what we can see so far, the money will be put to good use.

Great things are happening at UCCI.

For starters, enrolment is skyrocketing from 869 students in 2005/06 to 2,507 students this academic year.

Since President Hassan Syed took up his post at UCCI in 2006 there seems to be an air of electricity on the campus.

That charge can be attributed to a new way of doing business at UCCI. Programmes are being revamped and invented to provide demand-driven education.

It isn’t unusual to see top educators holed up in a conference room with business movers and shakers, grilling them to find out just what the school needs to be offering in its various programmes.

School leaders have already met with area contractors and media houses to help tailor programmes that offer students an education they can use.

While any education is good, beneficial education is what’s needed so the young men and women who come out of UCCI can be better prepared to find jobs here at home.

With a sound rollover policy in place in the Cayman Islands it is even more important that young Caymanians be properly educated to fill the jobs expatriates hold.

Businesses also have a stake in making sure the new UCCI ideal is successful. The men and women who run companies in Cayman have to be willing to offer students field training and jobs.

The only thing we can see that is lacking at UCCI is accommodation for the ever-growing role of students.

St. Matthews has stepped up to the plate and is offering eight rooms for UCCI students, but more is needed.

The board of governor’s has made finding UCCI’s own residence hall a priority.

If you haven’t toured the UCCI campus, we encourage you to take a visit. If you are a business and are approached by UCCI to provide input on its programmes, please take the time out of your busy schedule to do so.

Only by working together can we ensure UCCI’s success and properly educated young men and women.

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