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Bodybuilding champ concerned about childhood obesity in the Cayman Islands

Agueda Broderick

As the mother of a 6 year-old and a 14 year-old, champion bodybuilder Agueda Broderick has plenty of experience working with young people. She wants to help put Caymans youth on the path to life-long fitness.
Photo: Guy P. Harrison

Agueda Broderick devoted countless hours of hard work in the gym in order to turn herself into a champion. Having achieved that goal, the Ms Cayman Islands Champion, WNBF Pro Figure and ISCA certified personal trainer is redirecting her focus. After years of looking in the mirror and doing all she could to maximize her body’s potential, Broderick now wants to do the same for others-especially Caymanian children.

‘I train adults but my main target is kids, from preschool to teenagers,’ she said. ‘That’s my passion now. Reaching out to kids, helping them to get in shape and stay in shape is important to me. I want to promote a healthy lifestyle for them. I think that obesity is becoming a big problem in Cayman. Our kids are so inactive now. I see many children in our schools that are carrying so much weight. If you can start them early on fitness, it will benefit them for the rest of their lives.’

Many of Cayman’s children have lost their way in a society that is now overflowing with the lure of high-calorie foods and highly-entertaining but sedentary activities, says Broderick. Her solution is not strict dieting or brutal gut-busting workouts with heavy weights. She attempts to make the workouts fun and turn clients into smart eaters.

‘Kids are naturally energetic,’ says Broderick, ‘but they are devoting all their time to computers, video games and television. I like to give them interesting workouts. I use Swiss balls, [resistance] bands and lots of exercises that use a person’s own weight as resistance’

Whether she is working with adults or young people, Broderick says it’s pure joy.

‘This is the best job I could ever have. When I work with someone, and help them achieve their goals, I feel like I’m on top of the world. Getting someone into shape and on track for a healthy life makes me feel like I have accomplished something.’

Broderick plans to lead a fitness camp for kids, 6-31 August, at Kings Sports Center. It will be open to boys and girls, ages 5-14. Several companies have come forward to sponsor the camp. They are: Subway, Chicken, Chicken, Hurley’s Market Place, Kirk Beverages, Welly’s Cool Spot and Domino’s Pizza.

Broderick is available to work with clients at their home or at Kings Sports Center.

For more information about Agueda Broderick’s fitness training services, email her at caymanmuscles @candw.ky or phone 926-0856

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