Red Sail partners with Lighthouse School

Red Sail Sports and The Lighthouse School have enjoyed a long and productive relationship for many years.

Many of the Lighthouse School students are more than able to experience and appreciate the various activities offered by Red Sail Sports.

Ms White

Ms White

From its inception, Red Sail Sports has employed dive instructors that are trained to teach and assist handicapped divers of all levels. Some Lighthouse School students have taken the plunge and participated in scuba diving.

Many have enjoyed the pool experience and full introductory courses that have allowed them to dive to a maximum depth of 40 feet with their instructor.

Their appreciation and enjoyment is unsurpassed.

‘Despite a lifetime of challenges many students are physically and mentally able to enjoy this adventure,’ said James Dudley, head of training with Red Sail Sports and a Handicapped Scuba Instructor.

Students also enjoy regular excursions to Stingray City on the Red Sail Sports catamarans.

Not only do the students get to enjoy the wildlife attractions for which the Cayman Islands is so famous, but they also benefit from the valuable social interaction with tourists and crew.

Red Sail Sports has not just been an opportunity for outdoor adventure but an opportunity to explore possible employment opportunities after graduation.

Many students participated in work experience programmes and then found full and part time jobs with the company.

Kym White has been working as a warehouse assistant in the Retail department since May of 2000.

She is an indispensable team member and expert inventory assistant. Other Lighthouse school children who have worked with Red Sail Sports after graduation include Douglas Ebanks, Clifford White and Harrison Ebanks. Champion Special Olympics swimmer, Andrew Smiley, is the latest student to work four mornings a week on the catamarans. Andrew assists the crew to prepare the boat for the daily Stingray City sails and is learning how to help visitors during the excursion.

Many of the other primary and high schools on the island also participate in work experience programmes and summer job opportunities at various Red Sail Sports locations around the island.

Approximately 100 students from John Gray High School have been certified as scuba divers free of charge during an annual program with the school.

The exposure often leads to jobs.

Red Sail Sports hopes that will interest Caymanian youth to explore full careers in the Watersports industry.

All schools are welcome to contact Red Sail Sports if they are looking for activities to support curricula being taught or to participate in reward programmes for students.

Red Sail Sports remains committed to exposing Caymanian youth to the tourism industry of the Cayman Islands and school programs are the most effective way to achieve this goal.

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