RSS: Full service destination management company

For the past 20 years, Red Sail Sports has been dedicated to helping people have fun.

They’ve used their specialist knowledge of the diving and watersports industry to give tourists the experience and service they expect. In 2000, the company recognized the need to branch out and began offering full-scale Destination Management services to corporate meeting planners. In addition to offering Red Sail Sports’ traditional diving and watersports activities, the company formed partnerships with local specialists offering airport transfers, sightseeing and just about everything else corporate meeting planners requested for their clientele.

Now, seven years later, The Destination Management Division has been a big success providing everything from round-the-clock attention for small groups of participants to massive shuttle-and-tour programs for 500 or more attendees.

Red Sail’s Destination Management Division has managed a wide variety of water and land-based activities, team building exercises, dining experiences, outstanding entertainment, and even private events. Its experts have — and can — customize every detail of a group, from arrival through departure.

Under the guidance of Grand Cayman Operations Manager Rod McDowall, the Red Sail professional sales team always responds rapidly, thoroughly, and creatively to all requests for destination information.

‘First, we put the meeting planner of our prospective clients together with the most interesting possible programme within whatever budgetary guidelines that exist,’ said Mr. McDowall. ‘Because our people are our greatest asset, their experience, island expertise, deep talent, focus, longevity, and the desire to learn foster an enthusiastic team environment of open idea exchange to enable any request to be fulfilled.’

Now celebrating its 20th anniversary overall on Grand Cayman, Red Sail Sports’ loyal and very committed staff strives to deliver unique, memorable experiences to assist clients and partners in surpassing their own goals and objectives. Programmes are developed for local corporate entities as well as visiting companies.

The hallmark of Red Sail’s Destination Management Division has always been its dedication to exceeding those expectations, day after day, event after event.

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