The Residences at Beach Bay funds CCMI

The Central Caribbean Marine Institute recently launched an annual campaign aimed at mass corporate participation towards saving Cayman’s reefs and the world around them.

Campaign partner, the Residences at Beach Bay have agreed to underwrite the entire campaign as well as lead the way by putting forth the first pledge of CI$10,000, said a press release.

‘There has been an incredible decline in healthy reefs in the Cayman Islands. The Residences at Beach Bay are proud to be the first to participate in this important campaign. We don’t visit our reefs as often as we’d all like, yet they are a part of our everyday lives’, comments the Residences at Beach Bay Operations Director, Diana Joseph.

A letter of request from long-time mariner, Mr. Bob Soto, is being sent to 800 local professionals and companies with the goal to raise both awareness and funds for continued research on saving the coral reefs, the release notes. Within the package are options on how companies and individuals can participate.

‘It was over 50 years ago that I bought my first boat and escorted a group diving. Over the course of those years, I have seen a rapid decline of the healthy reefs that surround us all’, explains Save Our Reef campaign supporter, Mr. Soto. ‘I’ve also noticed that companies and individuals are eager to help, but they don’t always know what the solution is or how to become involved’.

Participation in any capacity is the answer, the release says. Included with Mr. Soto’s letter is information on the importance of coral reefs and a simple form to fill out and fax or mail back to CCMI to indicate support.

The Central Caribbean Marine Institute was incorporated in 1998 as a non-profit 501c3 organization. CCMI was established as an international charitable organisation after becoming incorporated in the Cayman Islands (2002) and in the UK in 2004.

The release continues, ‘Since its first years, CCMI has proven a valuable asset to the effort of understanding changing coral reef and tropical marine environments, and its research and education programs have established a solid foundation for future reef education and awareness in the Caribbean and for students and researchers from around the world.’

To participate in CCMI’s Save Our Reefs campaign, please email [email protected]

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