Audi’s new star launched in style

On the Mediterranean island of Majorca, the new star of the luxury sport class was presented to the importers of Latin America and the Caribbean in May. As General Manager of Arch Automotive and Audi Cayman Islands, I was there to attend the premiere and take the Audi A5 test drive of a lifetime.

Audi shipped over 200 A5’s and S5’s from Inglostadt , Germany to Majorca, the lush beautiful island that is known as a summer playground to Europe’ rich and famous. As a special event for this amazing showcase and premiere of the A5, every importer was given the new A5 to experience. I tested first hand the maneuverability and handling of Audi’s reinvented coupĂ© as we journeyed though the sharp curves and turns on a most memorable test drive.

And what a gorgeous scene it was to see the striking A5 corner through the hills of Valldemossa and down the flowered cobble streets of Palma. Palma was a perfect combination of Gothic and Baroque art and Roman architecture, overlooking a cosmopolitan port. From my first glance I could clearly see why Jaume I the Conqueror called it the ‘most beautiful city he had ever set his eyes on.’

Majorca was a perfect choice for the premiere as the city maintains its culture with a modern flair, just as there is an absolute harmony in the A5 with the elegant interior and sportiness of the vehicle. With the innovative technologies and breathtaking design, the A5 offers a totally new driving experience and makes a clear statement in favour of the innovative, progressive and sophisticated style of the Audi brand.

With the amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea, it was an outstanding driving experience, even surpassing all of my expectations. It is a wonderful moment to be a part of the Audi family.

The Audi A5 will be released for production, first in the 3.2 engine later this year.

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