Butterfield scholar graduates university

Butterfield Bank’s 2003 Undergraduate Scholarship Award recipient, Kimberly Huggins, recently graduated from Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. With the help of Butterfield Bank’s funding, Kimberly was able to complete four years of study earning her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Geography.

Kimberly commented on her experience saying, ‘Going away to university was extremely important to me and the experience has taught me many things. It has taught me to be more independent, to learn of the world outside of Cayman helping me grow as a person. I have met people from all around the world and have formed some life-long friendships. Being away from Cayman has also made me appreciate home more and I believe leaving the island for a while and experiencing the world around us is very important for young people today.’

She also thanked Butterfield Bank,

‘Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity you allowed me to have by granting me your scholarship. Your scholarship allowed me to achieve my goals and for that I am forever grateful.’

Butterfield Bank’s Human Resources Manager Kim Wallace-Watler replied, ‘It’s always a pleasure seeing the accomplishments of our scholarship recipients being realised after several years of intense study, determination and perseverance. In the case of Kimberly it is no different. As a successful graduate, we expect to see her valuable contributions to our community as she joins the scholarship’s growing list of success stories. The Butterfield Bank Undergraduate Scholarship Programme is our way of contributing to the development of our Caymanian youth and ultimately to our community’s growth and success.’

The Butterfield Bank Undergraduate scholarship awards up to US $40,000 per annum for a maximum period of four years to deserving applicants. The scholarship is available for any course of academic study beneficial to the islands as a whole. The 2007 award applications are currently being reviewed and a winner will be revealed soon!

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